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10 Jan 2013

For more info visit BANANAZZZ on Tumblr, on Facebook, on Twitter and listen to the BANANAZZZ EP on Bandcamp.

BANANAZZZ tells the inspiring story of Craig Evanhalen, a young man with the hunger and finances for stardom that starts a punk band called BANANAZZZ (all caps, three Z’s) and uses it to get his message out to the world. However, his giant ego, delusions and insecurity drive him and his band into chaos.

Featuring interviews with: Katy Goodman (Vivian Girls, La Sera), R. Stevie Moore, Screaming Females, Prince Rama, Ninjasonik, King Louie’s Missing Monuments, Obnox, Spectrals, HABIBI, Black Wine, Best Fwends, CRUDDY

Written by Brett Davis & Darren Mabee, Directed by Kate Sweeney

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