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26 Sep 2012

BANANAZZZ AGAIN on mtv Weird Vibes. interview at sxsw with huge tool sean-o, LET ME GET A FEW THINGS OFF MY CHEST.

1. I AM NOT YOUR CLOWN, mtv. you pinkberry posers in your viacom skyscraper think its funny to mock me, while your street cred died when you tarnished the legacy of making the band (a good documentary-style look at boy bands) with some diddy-produced dreck, and NOW THIS. this new regime of mediocrity MAKES ME AND ANYONE WITH DECENT TASTE IN MUSIC AND CULTURE ABSOLUTELY SICK! go play your miley cirus if my controversial brand of I.Y.F. art-punk scares you.

2. I AM AN AN ENIGMATIC GENIUS (one that only comes around once in a lifetime!) AND I SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH. because i am still in act 1 of my own “i’m not there”-style saga, does not mean that its okay to MAKE A FOOL OF ME.

3. I WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH. the egg will be on your faces one way or another, whether it is me being the success i will become due to my undeniable talent and ENIGMATIC GENIUS OR ME COMING TO MTV WITH EGGS AND BREAKING THEM OVER YOUR FUCKING HEADS and i will not CLEAN UP THE MESS, EITHER.

okay well thanks for uploading these vids shirley bauhaus, remeber i am still looking for #indiepowercouple2k12 and keep on punkin

 —craig evanhalen, ENIGMATIC GENIUS

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    BANANAZZZ, a horrible band.
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    Craig Evanhalen and the other members of BANANAZZZ are interviewed on MTV Hive’s Weird Vibes. Things don’t go so well.
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